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The terms "free softwares" in the license mean freedom not price. OpenCity is an opensource software, not a freeware. Before downloading and using this software, you should read the license carefully. Thank you.

Main binary and source releases

The concept of binary releases can be summarized in 3 words: download, unzip and play. They are system-specific and recommended for normal users. The stable versions are well tested and should be used instead of the beta releases. These downloads are maintained by the OpenCity team.

GNU/Linux0. it
Windows XP0. it
WiNE0. it

Community releases

The following releases are contributed by OpenCity city simulation's fans around the world. If you don't find a compatible binary release package for your custom operating system, you can provide us one and we'll be very happy to make a link to it.

Mandriva Linux0.0.6.2available in Mandriva "Cooker" 2009
Debian Linux0.0.6.4
Arch Linux0.0.6.4
please choose a stable or svn package
SUSE Linux0.0.6.2for SUSE 10.3 and superior
Slackware Linux0.0.5
Ubuntu0.0.6.4please try Debian packages for lastest release
MacOS X0.0.4for MacOS 10.4
Pardus GNU/Linux0.0.6.1
Frugalware GNU/Linux0.0.6.4

Linux binary release's notes

The Linux autoinstaller was prepared with the AutoPackage tools. Normally, all you have to do is lauching it and it will install everything you need to run OpenCity. By the way, a working OpenGL system is required to play OpenCity smoothly.

Windows binary release's notes

The binary executable is compiled with Code::Blocks and packaged with InnoSetup. No extra libraries are needed, they are all shiped with the package. Please note that Windows platform is a secondary target. It's mainly because Microzoft doesn't support OpenGL correctly. Blame Microzoft not us !

In case where OpenCity doesn't start under Vista, blame Microzoft again, not us ! We've worked hard to make OpenCity as portable as possible but Microzoft always tries to make open source developer's life harder and harder.

WiNE's notes

All the win32 releases are known to run successfully under WiNE with built-in DLLs. It means that you do not even need to have Windows installed to run the win32 binary releases under WiNE.

Lastest features


If you are interested in my work, you can download a snapshot release here or check out the lastest version from SourceForge repository using a SVN client. Thoses releases are really badly tested, they can bring your whole system down, even burn your hard-disks or your monitors ! By the way OpenCity uses all the CPU power it can get to run your city. And, I have heard that an user got his CPU burnt into ashes ecause of intensive computing works. An extra CPU freezing system (not a cooling one) is strongly recommended. In other words, those releases are for advanced users only. You're warned !

SVN trunk access instructions

This instruction tells the command-line SVN client to download the whole OpenCity source code trunk and put it on your disk

svn co

SVN branch access instructions

The following command tells the command-line SVN client to download the specified branch from OpenCity source code trunk. Replace "x.y.z" with one of OpenCity stable version e.g: "0.0.5"

svn co

Snapshot installation instructions

unpack the tarball cd OpenCity-x.y.z/ ./ mkdir obj cd obj ../configure --enable-debug make make install cd $PREFIX/bin/opencity/bin ./opencity

Uninstall instructions

make uninstall
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